Handcrafted Natural Soap

Vanity bar, inspired by, Jackson Pollock considered one of the most challenging and influential American artists, this designer Soap is dripped, poured, and interlaced with lines, rhythmically punctuated by pools of colors to create this crafted soap. GBA Soap Collection 2017 will show a variety of designs that sing of spring.  The Pollock bar comes unscented, in order to do the intricate designs.  



Great combination of oils that provide lather and bubbles.  All of our soaps have equivalent premium grade olive oil, coconut oil, and sustainable palm oil giving the bar conditioning, bubble, and lather, respectively.  

Skin-Detox, Skin-Exfo, & Skin Nourishment

Our natural clay and charcoal additives give the soap its characteristic color and function by gentle skin-detox and skin-exfo gently removing dry, aged skin.  Your skin will love you for it by looking and feeling clean and refreshed.  Complete skin nourishment that needs to be part of your skin care regime.






100% crafted by hands using the finest carrier and essential oils to made these aesthetically, natural, soap.  This soap may be custom orders available in various color combinations for special occasions. Vanity soap comes unscented.  





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Rinse.Lather.Rinse.Repeat. Store soap in a dry soap dish.

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