Beard, Face, & Hair Conditioning Oil
Urban Man beard conditioningoil is a special combination of vegan seed and nut oils infused with pure essential oils to keep your facial hair soft and supple while hydrate and conditioning your skin beneath your beard. If you want a sharp looking beard without the fly aways, itching and dry skin, this product is for you.
Massage the oils in your hand and inhale the manly scent. Gently apply the oil to your beard in a circular motion increasing the circulation to the skin below. The oils will work their way into your pores leaving your skin soft and supple. Say goodbye to painful ingrown hairs and blocked pores. The combination of oils in the Urban Man Beard Oil are exclusively for preventing the buildup of sebum in the pores allowing them to flow naturally.
As for the scent, it is not overpowering, carrying a nice manly aroma with woodsy and earthy bottom notes with vanilla middle notes to round out the musky scent. It will leave your beard feeling silky without a greasy feeling. These oils are codemogenic in that they do not block pores.

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Spray a small amount of oil in your hands. Rub them together. Inhale the scent. Gently massage the warm oil into your beard and face. Apply more depending on your beard length and full.
Organic Sunflower oil, Jojoba oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sativa Nigela, Babassu Oil, Essential Oils and Oil blends.
Urban Man Aroma:
Sweet vanilla, with mild coffee aroma and patchouli woodsy scent. Moderate to long lasting natural vegan scent.
1 fl oz; 2.5 fl oz spray mist glass bottles


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