Product Care


Georges' Botanique Aromatiques (GBA) crafts all soap by hand using the old-fashioned way soap used to be crafted.  Each piece is unique one-of-a-kind in color, size, shape, and scent.  GBA uses the finest premium grade vegan oils to craft our soap and skin care products. The qualities of our oils, in precise combinations makes are soap pH balanced, long lasting, and more beautiful with use.


GBA recommends that you remove the plastic wrapper and leave the soap out in a dry soap dish.  This soap was intended for use. Moisture and soap do not mix well together, so storing your product in a dry soap dish enhances the life of the soap. The shelf life of the soap is relatively long, six months or more depending on its care.  A slightly whitish color on the soap is natural soda ash that is common with handcrafted soap.  With use the soda ash will disappear.