This soap is my fave!  Creamy and silky with the sweetest herbal and light floral aromas with a blend of amber and sandalwood giving it a truly earthy scent.  Truly a soap worth sharing with guests on their visit to your home. The apricot kernel oil blend of premium oils really pairs well with the essential oils, making this soap truly a daily conditioning bath and body bar. 

If you're looking for soft, smooth skin this is one of the finest soaps for face and body.  Gentle cleansing action with the clay and charcoal additives combined with apricot kernel oil for a silky creamy texture.  This soap is amazing!  It is a gentle skin-detox, skin-exfo, and skin-moisturizing crafted soap.  Unique to GBASoapCo. with natural clay and charcoals providing intricate details in the soap while serving functional use.  You'll love how your skin looks and feels ~ softer & smoother!

Aromatic Blends

Sweet Herbal Clay Tonal Bar

Herbal Clay Tonal Bar

Rosemary Clay Tonals

Lemon Thyme Clay Tonal Bar

Floral Clay Tonal Bar


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Clay & Charcoal Soap Bar:
Best used for daily skin-detox, skin-exfo, skin-moisturising soap that is great for skin that needs nourishment.
Delicate blend of sweet grassy herbal, citrus, mint, and a splash of lavender in everything.
Soap Care & Use:
This product is intended for use. It is, practical, functional, and beautiful. Each piece is uniquely designed for beauty and display. Should you decide to use your soap rinse, lather, wash, and rinse again. Store in dry area to enhance shelf-life
Essential Elements:
Olive (Europea Olea) Fruit Oil, Palm (Elaeis Guineesis) Oil, Coconut (Cocos Nuciferos) Oil, Prunus (Apricot Kernel) Oil, essential oils, natural clays and charcoals.

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I have tried so many soaps for my dry flaky skin. This Clay soap smells awesome herbal sweet scent but it is what it did for my skin that matters. Feels so soft and those bumps on my arms - Gone!