Secret Garden

Go Natural ~ visit my secret garden selection of handcrafted soap, perfume, and skincare products.  On our recent visit to a lavender field in the heart of Virginia Hunt Country my creative juices started flowing.  Soon we'll be ready to bring our lavender series to you.  It takes a little bit of curing time for cold processed soap, however you do get a great product ~ lots of suds, meditative aromas, and the creamy effects of this wonderful conditioning bar.  And, just how do I know that....well I cut, polish, and clean every bar of soap by hand.  The old-fashion way soap was made.  If you have to apply lotion after you use soap then it is too harsh.  The pH is off either too acidic or alkaline.  This bar is just right giving you loads of bubbles and creamy texture to help dry hands.  I'm so excited about this series I'm bringing it to you early.  I will take pre-orders online, if you can wait for a September delivery date.  Visit Georges'BotaniqueAromatiques