CUSTOMIZE ~ work in progress!

Modify or create your soap and gift sets according to individual or personal specifications or preference. Customize the soap size, shape, fragrance (fragrance-free), colors, and design options are available to you.  

This is the perfect gift for your bridal party, special occasion, baby shower, or event where your guests will be delighted recipients for years to come. 

How customization works?

Identify the following before contacting a GBA representative using the contact us link.



THEME ~ (event theme, style, design)

AROMATIQUES ~ (essential oil and blends, fragrances, fragrance-free, lightly scented or unscented brands) Take a free personal fragrance quiz to determine your scent preference.

STYLE/DESIGN ~ (includes cut, pattern, product ingredients, size, colors)

PACKAGING ~ (match with your theme or our Kraft GBA packaging)

TERMS & CONDITIONS ~ payments invoiced with 50% down payment/50% upon completion/order 3-4 months in advance of event date.


About Georges Botanique Aromatiques

Georges Botanique Aromatiques is a small business operated out of the State of VA under the parent company SMK VAS Consulting, LLC. It is a small family owned and operated business where you will receive personalized professional service from the proprietor. SMK Vascular Consulting, LLC reserves the right to use of the name Georges' Botanique Aromatiques, GBAromatiques, GBASoap, Georges Botanique Aromatiques subsidiaries of parent company SMK Vascular Consulting, LLC.  The following brand and logo are sole property with all rights reserved in any color, style, or presentation.