Questions about organic products or how to place an order? We would love to hear from you! You may contact a knowledgeable Georges Botanique Aromatiques representative by phone, fax, and email. We promise a prompt response.




Business Phone: 703-486-2198 (no solicitations accepted)

eFax: 800-707-1353



Shipping Address:

1016 S. Wayne Street

Arlington, VA 22204







Where do I Pickup my Order? 

Local Northern VA, Washington DC, and surrounding MD regions save on pickup from Mancini de Paris, Arlington VA. Next to Starbucks. Confirmation email invoice or paid receipt required at time of pickup.


Order your request to GBA by clicking on email link above.  We will respond with response on product availability.  If products are in stock you will receive a Paypal invoice for payment. Once finalized you will receive a follow-up confirmation for order pickup at Mancini's.  Allow several days for order processing. Pickup your products during Mancini's normal business hours.


We welcome Customize, private label, and bulk orders.  For all special orders, not in stock anticipate a 2-3 month processing time.  Note, these orders are invoiced only.  Visit our customize page for more information on processing of the above types of orders.