Create romance with natural aromatic diffuser fills your room with continuous dispersion of essential oils into the surrounding air. They are used to add fragrance to a room and are also used in aromatherapy for a variety of therapeutic purposes. Our evaporative diffuser uses reeds of rattan soaked in essential oils allowing the essential oils to be exposed to the air so that the oils naturally evaporate and are dispersed into the air. They are great for bathrooms, bedrooms, and small enclosed areas. Just about any essential oil may be used in the diffuser. Lighter oils such as bergamot, grapefruit, and citrus aromas diffuse faster than heavier oils with base notes such as patchouli and sandalwood.

Choose from our current selection of essential oils and oil blends for your reed diffuser. The average life of the reed diffuser is approximately 3-6 months. It is aromatherapy at its best.

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Carrier oils, Fragrance, and Essential Oils.
Remove outer wooden cap by unscrewing it to the left. Gently remove inner plastic cap. Return the wooden cap to the bottle. Insert reed rattan diffuser sticks. Place in area away from children and pets. Allow oils to diffuse the room.

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