Liquid soap ~ oh so passe'. Try me!
What do you do with various pieces of soap when you want to sample all of them? This awesome decanter contains a variety of small half-ounce pieces of soap from our entire collection. Call it SoapArte displayed in the decanter for your spa or bath, taking one piece out at a time using until it disappears. You may use the soap for bathing or simply washing your hands. Guests will enjoy the pleasure of handcrafted soap from your decanter during their visit. Hint, you will not have to use a different bar. "This soap was intended for use, not for display purposes only!" "Use it!"Share it!"
When you're out of soap pieces choose a refill based on size of your decanter. This is a great way to try every type of soap in the collection.

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Width: 5.00
Height: 15.00
Depth: 10.00
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PRODUCT INGREDIENTS:: Glass decanter with dozens of small and medium soap pieces in a variety of scents. Try one or all to find the right soap for you. This is a one of kind product however, other decanters and soap will be available in future.

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